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Worm Study

Worm Study

Friends -
This is a water color painting that I completed this morning. It is my
second water color in about 45 years, and I think I works. More often I do
oil paintings, gourds or pastels. Yet there is something about the clarity
of color and simplicity of form that comes from a water color painting is so
perfect for a subject like children. They are, after all, clear and simple
about the world and they necessarily translate events into those terms by
the innocence of their sweet minds.

And - no bias intended - the perfection of my 4-1/2 year old grandson,
Benjamin, teaching his 1-1/2 year old little brother, Leonardo, about
worms...... well, that is about as clear and simple and beautiful as you can

Enjoy this painting. It is not for sale, although for a donation to
Esperanza Scholarship Fund at Lane Community College (in Eugene, where my
grandsons live), I will trade you a print.

Be well.

margie lopez read