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Wild Things

Wild Things

Friends -
The new El Dorado Arts Council Gallery (The ArtSpace) is having a grand opening this coming weekend. A lot of fine original art by artists from El Dorado County - paintings, sculpture, jewelry and books, are on display, as well as a few of my gourds! However, starting in February the gallery will be celebrating Jack London's 'The Call of the Wild', and they have requested that artists submit pieces that reflect that theme. (See their website at: I understand that there will be many events related to this, including a talk being given by a former local who moved to Alaska after completing the Iditarod (Jeanne Ashcroft). So, in order to contribute to the theme at EDAC, this gourd is about one of my first memorable experiences with wild things.

I am lucky that my Dad liked to take us camping when we were growing up, and lucky also that my Mom put up with it. (Roughing it was not her favorite way to spend time!). But I recall very vividly a camping trip somewhere in Northern California's coastal mountains and sitting around the campfire roasting marshmallows. Suddenly I started to notice something glowing gold beyond the light of our campfire. It was the eyes of some beast, but I could not tell what it was. Other things seemed to be flickering and moving with the light of the campfire, adding to the mystery. It was eerie and spooky, and of course my young imagination transformed those eyes and shadows into many beasts of all types -- lions, tigers and bears for example! Undoubtedly the presence of my Dad kept me brave and I waited to see what would appear. When the creature behind the eyes got a little braver, a little closer, and we could make out the face of a raccoon! It seemed to me huge, perhaps as big as me. We did not give it any food, and it eventually wandered away, but it stayed in my mind all this 50 years or so....

I am hoping that this gourd will end up at the ArtSpace on Main Street in Placerville, and 100% of the sale price will go to EDAC. Come to the Grand Opening on Saturday and Enjoy!

Be safe.

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