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Take A Wild GUess

Take A Wild GUess

Friends -

The wildflowers in South Eastern Utah have been gorgeous this spring - penstemon, claret cup, globe mallow, desert primrose, on and on and often all in one place.  It has been like paradise for the visual senses. However, based on my trip to be with the boys earlier this month, the wildflowers in Southern Oregon will put your optic nerves in a whole new dimension!

During my visit, I had the pleasure of taking a long day hike up the eastern, steep side of Mount Pisgah, and then descended down the wet, western slope - the more lush side.  Because the temperature was hot (for Oregon) I worked quite hard to get to the top - an exertion that heightened my pleasure for the easy descent.  And the lush colors from grasses, new leaves and wildflowers did nothing but accentuate that pleasure even more.

You may already know what the name of this wildflower is - realize that you are looking straight into the voluptuous interior.  It is a common flower, but unique in some ways as well.  Can you guess?

This soft pastel on 9x12" Wallis sanded paper will be framed today and can be traded for your donation to a worthwhile non-profit organization.

Enjoy spring whever you are.

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