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White Chick with Dreadlocks

White Chick with Dreadlocks

Friends -

OK, this one is different. But let me explain. The El Dorado Arts Council (EDAC) ArtSpace Gallery on Main Street is asking for artists to submit pieces that will fit with their April theme, which is something along the lines of Whole Earth Recycling! They are asking for art that uses found things or materials that would otherwise go to waste. Since I enjoy contributing to EDAC, I thought I would give it a stab. That is how White Chick with Dreadlocks came about. The gourd would not get wasted in my house, but apart from that, this one has lots of things in it that could easily otherwise find their way to someone's garbage. It includes:

1. Styrofoam pieces
2. foam earplugs
3. scrap pieces of copper
5. a name tag holder from a conference
6. An old wooden hanger with edges that are too sharp for hanging clothes
7. An age-old party lei
8. A well-worn running t-shirt

The T-shirt part can be removed, leaving only the face with dreadlocks. I am undecided about which looks better. But other than that, do you all think this will qualify for the theme? Check out the ArtSpace in April and see if it makes it to the gallery wall.

Best to you all -
Margie Lopez Read