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What Shall We Call It

What Shall We Call It

Friends -
Once again, I get to show you a creative project made in coordination with my partner in Donation Art, Jay Schreider. As usual, Jay started it off by building something out of gourds that I gave him, and left the rest to me. In some ways, this could fit in as a less-serious member of my music-themed gourd collection, because it kind of looks like a goofy-type of saxophone. But, sadly, it does not work at all as a wind instrument. However, it works GREAT both as a hearing aid (ear horn style), or as a loud-speaker. Really, truly, it magnifies sound if you hold the small end up to your ear. And you can blast out any great announcement profoundly, if you put the small end to your mouth and say what you feel. Who knows.... maybe a unique New Year's horn????

Regardless of how you use this, both Jay and I feel that it looks as though Dr. Seuss would have written about this if he had hung around any longer. And he no doubt would have had a GREAT Seussian name for it. We wish we could think of one, and that is our request to you. Please tell us what you think it should be called. In the meantime, it will be know as 'Whatshallwecallit'.

This piece is available for a donation to Doctor's Without Borders, or a worthwhile non-profit of your choice.

Happy Halloween.

Margie Lopez Read