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What Stacy Did

What Stacy Did

There are so many brave, smart activists these days, going all out to make this country a place where justice and equity can be had. There are so many – SO many. But the ones that come to the top of my mind include Martin Luther King, Dolores Huerta, Cesar Chavez, John Lewis, James Baldwin, Amy Goodman and the Standing Rock Sioux.

I know it is a short list, and I know there are so many more. I know that making changes for the positive in this country -- so beset with hate -- is a grueling and dangerous job. Still, I feel it is important to recognize outstanding efforts of those that we can when we can.

Right now, the civil rights warrior I am honoring with this painting is Stacey Abrams. Because of her astonishing work in organizing and mobilizing Georgia's Fair Fight, everyone in this country – and the whole world -- is safer than we have been in a long time.

"What Stacey Did". This type of action takes many. Let's do more.

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