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Wasatch Heaven

Wasatch Heaven

Friends -

When a dear friend departs it is important to remember.  Remember who they were, what they valued, the good things they did and the activities they enjoyed.

I may have met her before, but I did not really know Wasatch.  But I was delighted to be asked to paint a remembrance of this sweet pup by a friend. I was given a few snapshots of her, and although marginal in resolution, they certainly demonstrate the tenderness and love that was shared between my friend and Wasatch, as well as the exuberance in life that they generated.  That works for a painting.

I am also told that she loved to run on the beach.  So I have memorialized Wasatch here, running in the sands of low tide and forever chasing fiendish sea birds.  Running, running forever.  Like her Mom.

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