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View from Chicken Corners

View from Chicken Corners

Friends -

'View from Chicken Corners' is the last of 3 paintings that I had been asked to make, and I definitely feel as though it was the most difficult to finish.  Probably, I could have kept on working it, and never felt that it was complete.  However, at some point you have to say, 'Done', and I chose to do that here. 

This view was photographed by a friend from Colorado named Jim Traeber.  He was generous enough to allow me to use it for this oil painting.  It of a location that is not very easy to get to, as it is a long drive on a bumpy 4-W drive road to get to Chicken Corners.  It is beautiful, though, and you will be gasping with amazement as you drive along Kane Creek Road, up to the top of Hurrah Pass, and down the steep drop toward the Colorado River side of the ridge to Chicken Corners Road.  Another 4 or 5 bumpy, amazing miles, and you get to 'The Corner' of Chicken Corners Road.  It is aptly named, because the faint-of-heart are not likely to enjoy driving around that bend between a rock and a hard place (literally).  The road rounds a curve that has a boulder on one side and the other side is a sheer drop of 9 or 10 stories to the bottom. 

All of that is worth it, though, because once your heart starts beating again, you get to the end of Chicken Corners Road.  There you can stop for the breath taking views which include a deep bend in the Colorado River, the white rim mesa and Dead Horse Point, the highest peak on this painting.  A little more to the right is Thelma and Louise Point.. you know, the spot where the two heroines sped along the White Rim to escape authorities, and then dove off the cliff in their convertible?  That spot.  Quite famous here in Moab.

With all that, I am quite fond of this area.  So, I would not oppose trying to paint the same area again.  Maybe this time, in pastels.

As with the other two paintings, the original is taken.  But I am more than happy to trade prints of this for a donation to a worthwhile cause.. perhaps Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance (SUWA)?  If you are interested, we can chat about how that is done.

Stay warm.  Be well.

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