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Public Lands, or View from 'Moo' Hill


Public Lands - View from Moo Hill

Friends -
This was one of the paintings that I completed during the Grand Staircase Escalante Arts Festival in September and touched up in my studio. I have more new paintings which will come later, but I think this one is worth sharing. It has a nice story!!

I will start with sayting that it was my favorite painting morning in Escalante, probably because I went off by myself in the early morning to savor the sweetness of solitude and awakening wilderness.

But, I was not alone! Perched on the top of a small hill southwest of town I could see a few cows grazing in the field below. After a time a momma cow and her calf started to come up the road toward me and I became concerned about the safety of my easel. So I began to sing "Oh, Home On The Range" in what I am sure was a godawful voice. Momma was startled and she and her young one retreated.

This happened about 3 more times. But about 11 a.m., when I was close to finishing I noticed that about 20 cows (including some bulls) were at the bottom of the hill staring at me. And they started coming. Clearly, it was their hill and my time to go. So, I did.

Moo Hill now hangs in Bighorn Gallery at Dead Horse Point State Park, and it's sale will benefit a local Moab non-profit.

Margie Lopez Read