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Unhappy Camper

Unhappy Camper

Friends -

Those of you that live in Northern California have probably not forgotten the storm that hit us on 18 October. This rare meteorological event came to us air-bound river -- rising up in the atmosphere and howling up across the ocean to drop down on hapless California. It was referred to as the 'west coast version of a hurricane' and brought howling winds and rain up to 20 inches on that one day (Big Sur)! What an experience! Although nothing like Katrina, some of us came out of it with more damage than others.

A friend of mine (Greg G.) has an uninvited tenant that, although he (she) lives outdoors, this screech owl managed to come out of it OK -- only a few branches came of the Modesto Ash tree apartment. Greg (an avid photographer) took a photo of him the following morning and you can see how much the storm was appreciated (not!) Nonetheless he survived, as gratefully, we all seemed to do as well.

This is a nice, moderate-sized, sturdy gourd made with pyrography, leather dye, acrylic paint. The amount of it's sale will be donated to M.O.R.E., or another worthwhile non-profit of your choice.

Stay warm and dry.

Margie Lopez Read