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Dear Friends –

"Twisted" is a study of a part of this amazing stretch in Utah along the San Juan River known as Goosenecks. Land mass upwarps created water carvings of at least 6 enormous, 1000' deep meanders. The view is geological history in plain sight. From the top you can see the sinuous curvatures, look down into the water through thousands of years of time, and gaze off into the distance as far as Arizona.

Creating this painting was also an experiment in the sense that I chose to listen to the rather intense broadcasting of the first two days of Impeachment Hearings – another part of history that I felt compelled to understand. I do think that the exposure of corruption details had an effect on the intensity of my painting, don't you?

"Twisted" is the only name I could give this painting to reconcile the nature of the landscape with the grim truths being laid out in the Washington DC hearing room. My hope is that the hearings will lead to the ultimate result of protection of all public lands such as these – along with so many other matters of importance.

"Twisted" is a 9x12" pastel painting of just one of the 6 or so Gooseneck meanders. My intent is to use a long surface to portray more of these amazing curves all on one canvas. That will come in time. Gratefully, the study has already been promised to someone who will be making donations to both Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance and the Esperanza scholarship program for ESL and DACA students.

Hang positive through these historical times.