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Too Lovely

Too Lovely


I almost did not share this painting with you because it could be better. Yet, it marks a first try at a technique that may be worthwhile, and it seemed worth sharing that technique with you. So here goes…

I've learned from Lyn Boyer and Josh Been about doing value sketches before working on a final painting. I've found it to be an essential practice. It quickly records the important parts of the subject composition, including the shapes and values that you will need to remember to complete it successfully. I've been using this practice almost always, and it has worked out well for me. Except, I did not use it this time.

Well, on this painting, "Too Lovely", I had some idea that instead of doing a value sketch on a piece of paper first, I would sort of skip a step and move right ahead to the canvas. Efficient to do a pre-painting in grey tones and that would help me record essential values, right? Except that there was one thing I did not think of. And that is, that once you do that initial grey tone, and cover with appropriately valued color, your pre-sketch goes away. And you no longer have the stalwart reference that you once had – or used to have when you did value sketches. From here on, as a painter, you're on your own.

Clearly, this was one of those 'Doi!' moments for me.

But apart from that I had to name this painting 'Too Lovely'. And that is because she is. And I'm not talking about the sunset.

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