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Tlaloc II


This gourd is the second one that I have done of the Aztec god of rain, Tlaloc. Bob has not forgotten that I gave away the first one, and now this one is for him.

Tlaloc was the god of rain, fertility and water, all of which are good things. But he apparently had a temper and sometimes brought hail, thunder and lightening. His depictions often had many goggly eyes and the color green, as he does here in this colorful gourd-version. Mythology says that he was first married to Xochiquetzal (goddess of flowers) until Xochitl was stolen from him. Maybe that was a good thing for her, because Tlaloc seemed to demand his Aztecan sacrifices. Apparently one of the shrines on top of the main pyramid at Tenochtitlan was dedicated to Tlaloc, and sacrifices (many of children) took place here in the hopes of bringing rain and abundance.

Tlaloc II is a canteen gourd about 9 inches in diameter. It is decorated with pyrography, leather dye, acrylic paint, embossing powder and one nice piece of coral on the stem. You can come visit it at Lopez Island, but it is not for sale.

Margie Lopez Read