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Through Amanda's Eyes

Through Amanda's Eyes

Friends -

What you are thinking is probably incorrect. But, of course you would be deceived! That is the fault of my painting and how I named it.

To clarify, the kind-hearted and protective person behind the grey-blue eyes is not Amanda. Rather, Amanda is represented by the two stone statues that I painted right next to Joanne. So, let me explain.

There really are two statues for Amanda that reside on the Oregon Coast, although the first one can no longer be seen. She is buried somewhere below the original grotto, due to a devastating mudslide that pushed her down – perhaps away – and destroyed the foot bridge that had been built nearby. It was through herculean efforts made by Joanne Kittel, the Tribal and Yachats communities, that the grotto was restructured this year and a replacement for Amanda's original statue was found.

Over the years, Amanda has been cared for, remembered and honored frequently since her memorial was first built. I am not alone in feeling her presence every time I visit and in believing that her spirit remains aware of all that is going on – possibly leaning a gentle influence on those who come and go. Somehow, Amanda's eyes (although blind when she lived in this world) see all the kindnesses that she is offered.

We seek her help and use the memory of how she suffered to generate resolve for peace. Peace and a deep respect for the Original people and for those of different cultures -- that is needed now more than ever.

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p.s. Not all of you (my friends) know about Amanda. To learn more about her story and the trail, try these websites: