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Three Kids and a Backpack

Three Kids and a Backpack

Friends –

I held the belief for the longest time that I am an individual with lots of personal self-discipline, capable of scientific curiosity and rigor, yet also fun-loving and creatively motivated. I imagined myself to be perceptive about other peoples' motives and intentions and that I had a memory that was as sharp and strong. (Such an ego!)

Maybe I was all that back when I was 20-something. But the truth of it is, there is nothing like having grandkids to make you realize that the sharp edges of the mind could be getting dull and that maybe I am not the person that I thought I was. I am mostly talking about grandkids that now are in school, blending with others, and learning things with a mind-speed that I have not felt for decades.

Yep. Sure enough. My grandsons learn and remember and plan so easily and so fast that this 65-year-old grandma does not stand a chance. And the bottom line is that if they want to have me go with them and do something rather unconventional -- they will succeed. And I may never know it happened until it is done!

So when Benjamin and Leonardo convinced me that it was the right thing to do to stuff their dog, Gidget, in the backpack and go for a walk – I fell for it.

There was no humane society in sight, but regardless, I think Gidget had just as much fun as we kids (young and old) did.

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