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Thinking Place

Thinking Place

Friends –

As I pack to leave the red rock high desert once again, I become sad. I think about losses – and there have been many these past 12 months. The cure for this melancholy is to go somewhere wild and preferably high in elevation.

I like to hike to a Beautiful Place, crafted by nature, and put my attention to the colors, fragrances, textures, temperature changes, and vistas. And I allow myself to think.

This helps, and soon the thoughts shift to better things and anticipation of adventures at my next stop. Know that I am blessed in that my options are all basically good.

In fact, now that I have done this 'thinking' hike to the Portal Overlook, the anticipation of several things is out there. These include Daughters, Grandkids, the Ocean and a different set of Beautiful Places where I can go to think.

I should also mention that one of those Beautiful Places will be near where I grew up, as I have been invited to paint there. Mid-June, I will reminisce with the colors, fragrances, textures, temperatures and vistas of my youth. How fun if I see some of you there as well. This is the place à

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