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The Hike That Wasn't

The Hike That Wasn't

Friends –

I was so looking forward to hiking with my friends. Having been unable to do so for several weeks for various reasons, April 28 was going to be my chance! Plus, the weather had recently been quite good for hiking. A bit windy, perhaps, but nice temperatures in the 70's and beautiful skies because of the wind.

But the high desert does not like to let anyone take it for granted. It always has surprises. So, even though I checked the weather forecast the day before and dressed accordingly, my opportunity did not happen. As I was driving out to the trailhead, I was surprised to see little snowflakes dropping on my car window. I thought surely it was a fluke and would pass.

So, five of us gathered together and commenced our hike. The wind increased and the snow continued. Before long it became a virtual blizzard. Much smarter than me, my friends pulled windbreakers and gloves out of their backpacks. I had none. And since I was unwilling to get wet and cold, I wished them luck, turned and hiked the short distance back.

Still, heading back toward my car I was able to frigidly savor the aroma of red sand as it starts to get wet and decorated with snow, as well as the enjoy drama of purple snow clouds allowing steaks of golden light to break through in the distance.

The high desert is full of surprises. But it is always beautiful.

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