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The Boys

The Boys

Friends -
Does it make any sense at all that I travel for two amazing workshops from two powerful landscape artists of the southwest* who work in pastels and oils, and then I turn around and do watercolor portrait?   Especially if you consider that I have not laid hands on water color paint for decades?   Call me contrary, but I really wanted to paint my boys with something light and happy and fresh.  Watercolor seemed to fit the bill, to me.  And thanks to Bill Croyle's Mom, I had some ancient water color tubes available in the far
reaches of my art supply cabinet.

Anyway, as you may guess, these two guys are my grandsons, Benjamin and Leonardo.  They both have a huge part of my heart and they make it glow as much as I hope that the colors that I used on this painting indicate. Sadly, they live in Eugene, Oregon, so I can't be with them as frequently as I want to.  On the other hand, retirement does allow me the freedom to stay with them for good lengths of time when I can go up there.

The original is not for sale, but I will make prints for anyone who wants one, in exchange for a donation to the Esperanza Scholarship Fund of the Lane Community College.  Esperanza is Benjamin and Leo's sister, so that particular fund in trade for this painting seems appropriate to me.

Be well.

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