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Sweet Kiva

Sweet Kiva

Dear Friends -

On this Thanksgiving day, I would like to share with you my latest drawing, this one of Kiva my next door neighbor. Little Kiva is a rescue pup that has lived a long and happy life since she was welcomed into Mary's home. In human years, she is now about 110 years old, and in the span of her partnership with Mary she has bravely hiked many a red rock mile on her short little legs.

Now, Kiva is completely deaf, going blind, and has acquired arthritis in most of her hard-working joints. But she never says a word and continues to enjoy her hikes under the blue sky and on the slick rock. She will hop around with joy, although somewhat stiffly, when it is time to go out or time to eat. On occasion, she will get too tired and will simply lie down in situ. But at her age, she is entitled to do just what she pleases. Especially since she is so sweet about it.

This pencil drawing of Sweet Kiva is not for sale. It is a surprise holiday present for Mary (after framing). So, those of you that know my neighbor need to remain silent - as silent as Kiva - until December 26, that is.

May you all be enjoying the pleasure of your sweet families on this Thanksgiving Day.