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I don't have much of a story for this gourd, other than I was watching a PBS program called 'America's Heartland' and it had a spot about the State of North Dakota and their sunflower crops. Watching the beautiful flowers wave in the Dakota winds reminded me of how beautiful they are. These flowers seem almost human as they follow the path of the sun with their funny black and gold faces. Plus, they remind me of my favorite artist, Vincent Van Gogh. Bob liked it too and has been talking ever since about planting sunflowers next spring.

This gourd is about 10 inches tall, pretty darn sturdy, decorated with pyrography, leather dye, some acrylic paint, and believe it or not - some craft lacquer that you might use on a model airplane (remember those days?)

If you want to know more about sunflowers, try this WEBSITE.

In any event, stay cool.

Margie Lopez Read

I would like the money the sale of this gourd to go to the Esperanza Scholarship Fund at Lane Community College. OR, I am also open to having to a different non-profit that you desire, as long as it is for a good cause such as human rights, environmental protection, or public health.