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Dear Friends –

I am wanting to check in with you all during these stressful times, even though I do not have a major painting to share. Intense feelings often help with creativity, sometimes they can do the opposite. Joy brings inspiration and the creation intensifies levity. Sorrow can be soothed by paint and brush and painting becomes more effective than a good cry. Tension, my least creative-state-of-mind, makes it important to try to get something done and even mediocre production helps get relief.

I have experienced some of each of these since the last time I wrote you, but tension has dominated. Some things could start to happen three weeks from now that will help me feel much better. But, in the meantime, I have pushed myself to paint. Some quick plein airs and other silly things that have helped me feel better. For what it is worth, I'll share some of those with you now.

Hot Brew – A quick 8x10" plein air completed in a scorching parking lot outside of a brewery. Don't ask.

Eskaton – A 9x12" plein air completed at cool and relaxing Eskaton Village – an adult community.

Vesla – A 9x12" portrait of a friend and artist who graciously organizes paint outs for the local arts association.

Toughies Wear Masks – These two were done in response to a request from a friend, who is one of the most special people I know. They now live in Moab.

Except for the 'Toughies' any of the other three are available if you have a donation you want to make to a good non-profit and want to get an unusual reminder of your generosity. Let me know.

Stay safe.