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Story Time

Story Time

Friends –
My friend (and fellow artist) from high school, Maria Wickwire, let me use a wonderful black and white photo of her family for this painting. The photo depicted her Mother reading a book to her and her sister and it struck me as period-perfect. Although the photo was of Maria's family, it really seemed to represent many families of the 50's in such a 'Norman Rockwell' kind of way. I even initially thought it could have been us.

I almost created this piece in graphite to be in keeping with the black and white reality of the photograph. But after some thought, I decided that to be able to really tell you a story in my own voice I would need to do more than reproduce what is photo-evident. Look at the painting and I think you will see what I mean.

I don't know if 'Story Time' is a painting for the last day of 2020, or the first one for 2021. Perhaps it is both. Whichever it is, I really enjoyed the telling – filling it with symbols of love, optimism, and hope. Please accept those gifts from me and Bob and may your New Year be the best.

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p.s. This painting is available for a donation to a good non-profit – maybe something children or family oriented? It might look pretty cute in a child's bedroom.