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Spencer Butte

Spencer Butte

Friends -

Spencer Butte in Eugene, Oregon, has always been one of my favorite spots.  My daughter first took me up the trail about 15+ years ago when she was a student at UO.  Since then, I make it a goal to get up to the top during every visit.  The earlier years I would run up and down.  Then that changed to hiking up and running down.  Nowadays, two degrees and two children later, many things have changed. But my daughter still lives in Eugene, so I visit.  And with a crummy knee, I still celebrate the climb, but I do it by hiking both ways.  Well worth it.

You can’t compare the views from the top… the whole of Willamette Valley, Fern Ridge Wilderness Area, Mt. Pisgah, Skinner Butte (dinky in comparison), and even the very tops of Sisters off in the distant ranges.  The climb is often steep, but softened by the forest of pine, spruce, cedar and ferns. 

It used to be a serious boulder scramble getting to the very top, but that is changing.  My painting shows part of the new trail that is being built near the summit, which will make it a lot easier to find the best route.  I suppose that is good, although it does mean that more will come.

Regardless, Spencer will always be a place that I associate with my daughter and her family and my refuge for peace of mind. 

If it dries in time, this 14x18” oil painting will be used in the fund-raising auction for Lane Community College Scholarship Foundation, Esperanza Endowment Fund.  I am delighted to tell you that this Fund, named after my granddaughter, is now on its way to becoming a permanent Endowment Fund.  May it continue to help train and educate people that need it the most forever and ever.

Best always,

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