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Soft Cover Up

Soft Cover Up

Friends -
I am a bit embarrassed to transmit the background about this piece that was actually being completed two weeks ago. But in the interest of being honest about myself, I decided to go ahead.
It is no secret that I have not been myself for almost two months. It started with the shootings in Arizona, and became more grim with local gun violence against people that I know. It worsened even more when I heard derisive, thoughtless words about things that are important to me being spread by people that I thought were above all that...

Although I attempted to get away from that sense of despair when I started a piece about flop-eared bunnies, it seems I was not quite ready. The bunnies are there, yes, but I could not get my heart around making them soft, gentle and innocent. They turned out to be just something of a fluffy cover-up instead.

I will say that I think my mood is finally on the rebound, though. I spent some time with two grandsons this last week -- Benjamin and Reed. When I wrap my mind around what is important and good for them, I can get away from the grim, desperate and helpless thoughts that filled my head when I made this gourd.

Stay tuned. Next one should be much better. And should this one sell, the money will go to a very good cause, like Doctors Without Borders.

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