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Social Distance


Social Distance


These are unusual times, without any doubt. The whole world is changing to safeguard public health and just a part of it is keeping a distance from people that are not in your own household. Some of the changes are costly, awkward and inconvenient, although I will say so very necessary and valuable as it saves lives.

And some of the changes are downright nice. I think, for example, that everyone is experiencing a chance to stay more involved with loved ones. Lucky kids have parents create and participate in fun new activities. Couples get a chance to be with each other at home instead of racing off to a workplace. And for me, I am grateful for the joyous quiet at my home which is no longer bombarded with giant rigs looking for parking or the noise of razors and other ATVs zooming down the street to get out and do their off-road theatrics.

The other piece of fortune is that I am five minutes away from solitude in our wild lands of slick rock trails, sage bushes, juniper trees and high desert trails.

A few days ago Bob, Mary and I hiked out to a place in Sand Flats that is generally secluded, even when tourism is in full gear. As we meandered around some ledges and ventured into no-man's land, this juniper tree couple appeared silhouetted on a ledge just above us. It seemed to me they were sharing a personal connection and a mutual love for each other. But the distance between them meant that they could not touch. I am sure that they are OK with this, if it means that good health and longevity will be theirs.

And I hope the same for all of you. Be safe and do the right thing for us all.

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