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A Slant on the Story

A Slant on the Story

Friends -

Technically, I can’t call this oil painting a quick draw, even though it probably took less than 3 hours.  But I worked on it in pieces of 15 minutes to 1 hour increments over the course of two weeks, so it’s not really a one-shot quick draw.  So, let’s just say it is what it is.

I started painting this view looking at the Back of Beyond store front straight on -- with the sidewalk curb lined up parallel to the bottom of the art panel.  But that bothered me and it seemed way too boring and predictable.  So, I put a slant on it.

The same, I am sure with the story that Andy is telling Jim.  He is a master at description, as befits the owner of a bookstore, and there will always be an interesting slant to his stories.

‘Slant on the Story’ is Not for Sale.  This one belongs to Andy.

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