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Shay's Wedding Day

Shay's Wedding Day

Not too long ago, both of my daughters (Rosa and Xochitl) traveled to Indonesia for a vacation and also to go to a wedding. Rosa's friend, Shay, was getting married in Bali - with two ceremonies - one Anglo style and the other a traditional Indonesian ceremonies. I wish I could have gone, so I am reporting only on what I picked up from their conversations. But I am told that the Indonesian pre-wedding preparations are extensive - as is the traditional application of lots and lots of make-up with powder to make the bride's face white. I am sure that Shay looked beautiful for both of her weddings, and I know her heart is good.

Shay's Wedding Day gourd is about 10 inches in diameter, and I used leather dye, some acrylic paint, and a bit of liquid gold leaf. This one also goes with me to the Saratoga Rotary Show, the first Sunday in May.

Margie Lopez Read