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Friends -

This is something new.  I may do a series of these portraits.  Until now, I have only painted portraits of individuals that I know and love well.  This child, and the others that I plan to paint, I have never met.  Yet her face is so serious, lovely and compelling, I knew I had to share it with you.

The photograph was taken by a friend of mine who is visiting Iraq, and this child is living in a Kurdistan refugee camp.  I see in her face a concern that goes beyond her age, and she is serious in her effort to find something or someone.  I feel for her and all those refugee children.  Their story is widely shared as there are so many other children in the world that suffer in war-torn, impoverished countries and just do not have the opportunities that so many in this country have. 

I hope she finds what she is seeking. 

This painting will be in the 'Spring Fever' show at the Moab Arts and Recreation building for the month of May, with a reception during second Saturday Art Walk.  Please join Sandi Snead and me at the Marc on May 9.

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