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San Felipe, Guanajuato

San Felipe,  Guanajuato

This painting actually accompanies one I did earlier entitled 'Father and Son'. Father and Son was a portrait of my son-in-law Gonzalo, and his father standing at the top of a mountain overlooking their home village, San Felipe. Well, this is the village!!!

Just to make sure you know, this San Felipe is in Guanajuato, down near the States of Michoacan and Jalisco. I say that because there are other and more well-know San Felipes in Mexico. But because the one in Guanajuato is less well-known, it is so much more peaceful, beautiful and comfortable. Jicama grows wild, as do nopales, strangler fig trees and so many types of flowers and bushes that I just don't know what they all are. I think that the whole town must be family, and all of them are so warm and pleasant, kind-hearted. If you stay there you will wake up every morning to the raucous sound of song birds, roosters, and music from the cart of the local panadero (bread maker) peddling his goods. We still have wonderful memories of our visit there last July. If you know what to look for you can find Gonzalo's home.

The painting 'San Felipe' needs to go to Gonzalo and Rosa, but I will make prints of any size available for those that wish to make a donation to a worthwhile cause.

Margie Lopez Read