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Sack of Bones

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Sack of Bones

Friends -
Especially around Halloween, stories abound about witches, ghosts, goblins and skeletons with supernatural powers and sinister intent. Hollywood has contributed to the idea that visiting the cemetery at midnight on the last day of October is a highly risky activity -- you could suffer horribly at the hands of some bony spook, and possibly be converted to monsterhood in order to deal the same deadly act to others. The colors that symbolize these terrible creatures are bleak. Think dark, black and dreary.

But just a day or two later in parts of Mexico and southwest United States, whole populations visit cemeteries without any fear, and rather with a sense of happy celebration. On Dia de los Muertos, skeletons take on a whole new meaning as they are clothed with elegance and honored with food, drink and flowers. They are celebrated with brightly decorated alters in family members' homes. Think bright colors, light and festive.

Thus, you see my dilemma about the appropriate way to paint this Sack of Bones. In the end, I will let you decide if they are to be feared, or if they are to be honored.

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