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Run Sly

Run Sly

This is a little oil painting about a place for which I have a lot of fondness. One of the accomplishments of which I am very proud is that Bob and I founded a well-appreciated ultra race in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada near Placerville. The race, which lasted for twelve years (counting the first unofficial event) was called Run On the Sly. The name came from the fact that Bob and were scoping out the course by running through areas in which we were not sure we were allowed... so we "ran on the sly". As an added play on words, a good part of the race course drops down onto one of our most beautiful western slope assets - Sly Park. The race continues today and has earned a bunch of money for the good of our local Sheriff's Search and Rescue teams.

One year I was able to actually run in the race myself (rather than direct it), and so this is something of a self-portrait, so to speak. I have Keith Facchino (Capture the Moment) - a very talented event photographer to thank for the idea on this painting.

Margie Lopez Read