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Dear Friends-

I am willing to lay odds that I am not alone in my contemplations about how things used to be. So much has changed in these last very few years and very few months – and not in a good way -- that it amplifies my desire to return to the way they used to be. There are some places that help my recall of better days -- when everything good seemed possible and life was filled with abundant opportunity to experience it all.

In 'Reverie', I am showing you one of those places which helps me do that. Back in 1994, Bob and I created a 50Mile/50K footrace in a part of El Dorado County that most people did now know. There were many beautiful stretches on that race, particularly on our original upper 50-mile course, that were just wonderful. I was so excited to share these parts and was grateful that my ultra-running friends liked it as well.

It is true that there are a few things that have changed about the race course since 1994, for better or for worse. But I would say that this this little bench was new to me and is one of those good changes. The vista is as wonderful as ever, but somebody saw fit to create this bench out of wood planks and rocks. It effect, it is now the perfect spot for me to stop and go into my reverie about how things were.

I am lucky that this and many other memory places are still available to me.

'Reverie' is a 16x20" oil on primed canvas and once it is dry, it will be available for a donation to a good non-profit.