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Return of Truffula

Return of Truffula

Friends –

Warnings about exploitation of natural resources for wealth to a few were not new back in 1971. But possibly the writing of 'The Lorax' by Dr. Seuss was the first time the message was presented to children. In the story, entire forests of fictitious Truffula trees are chopped down in a greedy effort to make money by turning their foliage into silly, frivolous clothing. In the end, not a single Truffula tree was left. Only then does the exploiter-in-chief, Ted, start to understand the damage he has caused. But it was too late.

Perhaps Seuss hoped that children would learn from this and make wiser choices than what had happened previously. Perhaps he envisioned that adults would read the book to their children and get some environmental awareness as well.

Well, the book was a big hit, as has been the movie with the same title and story. But sadly, some 48 years later, exploitation is still taking place. Quite possibly, it is worse.

Earlier this week, I took a hike near my home and came upon this juniper with an amazing likeness to a Truffula. I half expected its foliage to be blue, or pink, or some other Truffula-like color. The fact that it was growing horizontally and not vertically, seemed to me to be a message. A warning? A salutation? A restoration? I don't know, but I am hoping for the latter.

Let's all try to act upon the message given in the final pages of 'The Lorax'. The Once-ler said, "UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Noting is going to get better. It's not."

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