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Friends –

Relief and gratitude. A return to sanity was earned through enormous effort and a surge in unity that was difficult to achieve. The victory allows me to remember what hope in possibilities and confidence that they can be achieved is like. It was so simple to be hopeful in earlier times.

 The November news gave me a mental return to those earlier times, and I celebrated that with a return to a special place. I had not been to this beach location for almost 2 decades now. It was a favorite family vacation spot discovered by my Dad in the early 70’s, offering surf and solitude as the main ingredients of a restful place. I had been longing for the peace and memories it provides for many seasons, and this time I returned.

 Among other things I had a chance to paint this little plein air piece during one of the colorful sunsets. My oldest grandchild happily watched me set up my easel on a second-floor deck and then went down the stairs to the water. In retrospect I realized that he was posing for my painting.  So, Benjamin became permanent part of this incredibly special return.

 Thanksgiving is approaching. We have a lot to be thankful for.