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Remember When

Remember When

Friends –
I almost did not post this with all of you because it really is not the type of painting that would interest most people, other than me, or members of my family. But I want to let you know that I am still alive, and grateful to finally be at my Lopez Island Studio to do what makes me feel the best.

This painting was difficult because the family home, which was ours for nearly 55 years is no longer standing. So, I pieced together some recall, allowed for architectural generalizations, and used a few minimally-useful snapshots to help. As I look at this representation of the abode, I decided that it is close enough to that extraordinary and wonderful home to allow more memories to come forward: Family. Gatherings on the porch. Sidewalk chalk. Art in the garage. Games on the grass. And more.

"Remember When" seems done for now, but I reserve the right to add more memories to the canvas as they come forward in my brain. It is a bit of a journey of the mind.

Stay cool and safe through this dreadful heat wave and remember the good times. It will help.

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