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Tribute to Red Dog

Tribute to Red Dog

I made this little gourd in recognition of a loss that a friend of ours has recently experienced. Brian is one of the most kind-hearted individuals that I know. Highly educated, with California experience in environmental consulting, he opted many year ago for a more simple life in the small community of Boulder, Utah. There he is the local Postmaster, serves on the Planning Commission, and leads people on treks through red canyons with packs of llamas. He probably does more than that, and I remember him to be singularly kind hearted to animal and man.

Recently he had to put his companion, Red Dog, to sleep because of a tumor. I don't really remember Red Dog, but Brian sent out his photo along with recollections about Red Dog's joy in chasing rabbits and generally reeking havoc with other wild critters in the red sandy canyons near Rainbow Bridge and such. All the time with a great, big, doggy smile. Red Dog was a lucky dog to live with someone like Brian, I think.

I hope you all are doing well. Change is in the air, and I think it is good.

Margie Lopez Read