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Rain at Rocky Rapids

Rain at Rocky Rapids

If you have a chance to come to Moab and the Colorado River, try to make it during bad weather. No kidding.

That 'bad' weather was a lot of what we got during the October 2018 Plein Air Moab. Our red rocks were mostly obscured with clouds and the continual dribble (and sometimes downpour) made being outdoors much more of a challenge.

But the bad weather does at least two positive things. 1) It makes for beautiful skies and unexpected light/shade patters on the landscape, and 2) People tend to stay indoors, so anywhere you go to paint is likely to be quiet and good.

The October morning I painted this one, "Rain at Rocky Rapids" was just one of those days. Cold and wet and with enough wind that the rain kept finding its way under my little shelter just enough to repeatedly splatter my palette and canvas. (sigh). But the rewards of the solitude and natural splendor around me were well worth it. Somehow, the bad weather did not make me suffer.

I finally had a chance to do the finishing touches on Rocky Rapids in the studio yesterday, and it is now available as your thank you for donating to a worthwhile non-profit.

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