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Quarantined - A Study of Self

Quarantined - A Study of Self

Friends –

This is not a strict quarantine that is happening here in Moab. It is more a voluntary, shelter-in-place and be smart about avoiding crowds and respectful of others when you do -- using facemasks and gloves. Bob and I still get out for food collections and distributions, go on hikes and such. But the limitations on being able to visit with friends, share a meal, hug and otherwise use our hands to make contact is an overriding consideration. I miss that sharing with my friends and I really, really miss it with my family.

So, perhaps it is understandable that I pull within myself and think of where life has taken me. Memories from way back come in and fill me and mingle with those that are more recent. I'm hoping that I will have time to accumulate many more memories, mostly of the good kind. But you never know.

So, this sketch with pencil, water color and pen is simply a transcendental interpretation of where my consciousness has wandered to these last few days. I value those memories as much as the here and now.

Be safe. Honor others with your distance.

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