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Public Lands

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Public Lands Public Lands
Public Lands Public Lands


I want to share some of the paintings that I completed last week at the Escalante Canyon Art Festival. I painted more than usual, but here I will share only four.

It was a perfect week. The weather was generous to artists' needs and as always, the whole town of Escalante puts out their very best to celebrate art and Public Lands and make the event superb.

Although I thrive on quiet of solo painting in these Public Lands, the gatherings of artists – many of which have become good friends – was joyous, soothing and rewarding all at once. Because our National Monuments are in danger of being hacked right now, the event was even more poignant and meaningful. It is as if we were all on fire to make the beauty of these precious lands known to all. You should check out their website in a few days (give them a chance to update) and see the winning paintings, as well as other photos so that you can see what I mean.

I named all four of these paintings "Public Lands" – numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4. Two of them were actually painted almost at the same site – guess which? However, one was oil the other in pastel. The sale amount of the 3 that were sold will stay with the Festival. They are a force in promoting the Grand Staircase National Monument and that is important to me and to you.

Now I am moving on to the Red Rock Arts Festival in Moab…. stay tuned for that !