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Prayer Can't Hurt

Prayer Can't Hurt

Eight years of Catholic school in the 50's and 60's ingrained in me the value of social responsibility. I learned that all those who 'have' should be caretakers for those who 'have not'. The social revolution of the 60's did nothing more than strengthen that value, which is suffering right now, as globally we are running out of food, water, fuel, good air -- and with these shortages killing and hatred abound. The gap between the very few rich and the many, many poor has never been wider. There is no way to help this without figuring some way to re-distribute the wealth that so very few have. But changing that? Maybe a little prayer can help.

'Prayer' is a nice sturdy duck gourd - about 8 inches tall, but quite wide at the bottom - pyrography, leather dye, acrylic paint. Simple and true as any prayer should be.

Margie Lopez Read