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Plein Air - Moab

They Came from the Sea

Friends –

This has been a busy week, as the first full week in October is always the time for Plein Air Moab (PAM).  We have had over one hundred artists come to paint and compete in outdoor painting, including a weeklong main competition, workshops and two speed-painting exercises known as 'Quick Draws'.  

The weather has been perfect.  We had a very wet summer and therefore everything that wants to be green is quite green and healthy.  The trees that want to change colors are beginning to do so and the La Sal mountains are in full color glory.  Plus, there have been no fires nearby so the sky is blue and beautiful, making for fantastic vistas.

The beauty is great, but the nicest thing about PAM is the inclusive openness and sharing of artists that come.  Many return every year and it is fun to see friends again and make new ones that you know will come back. One of my friends likened PAM to an artists' rendezvous.  I think that is right on.

I encourage my California and Oregon artist friends to try this one.  You will not regret it.

I have done a few paintings for this event.  Perhaps not my best work, but I certainly have had fun.  And I will certainly be happy to exchange one or more of these for a donation to a worthwhile non-profit of your choice, if they do not sell at the PAM art sale by Saturday.  They are named 'The Wild Bunch', 'Jeffreys', 'Hazzard View' and 'Bliss'.  See if you can guess which is which.

Be well, and paint whenever you can!!

margie lopez read