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Play Mates

Play Mates

Friends –

If you are one of those very special individuals that are able to sync brainwaves with non-homo-sapiens – especially those in the wild – then you may not need any explanation of this painting, "Play Mates."

For everyone else, I should tell you that this painting is soon going to be residing in the Colorado Rockies inside the abode of the skier you see speeding down the hill in this water color. She IS one of those special individuals and has developed a kinship with ravens that frequent the winter snow on Continental Divide, as does she. She is also a fast downhill skier and when she heads down the slope, one or more of them will follow her and if the sun is out, they cast their shadows before her.

I have a raven clan that lives outside my home in Moab and I talk to them often. But they have yet to take me in to join in their playtime as these have done for Randi. I envy her for that.

This painting is taken, but there will be more coming which you can use as a reward for your donation to a worthwhile non-profit.

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