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PJ Embrace

PJ Embrace

Friends –

Here is "PJ Embrace"!

Please do not confuse the term "PJ" with the acronym used for pajamas. That could lead you to conclude that "PJ Embrace" refers to hugs and smooching that may occur in the bedroom. Know that "PJ" in this southwest part of the country refers to "trees" that are common place in the high desert – Pinyon and Juniper. Sorry, there's no hanky-panky in this painting.

But you can take solace in the thought that trees do have a life of their own and are somehow are able to respond to the other beings around them. This has been proven experimentally over and over. They move slowly, but they seem to know where they are going, and why. It could be that this particular embrace occurred because of a form of love or other sympathetic intentions.

But even if you do not want to take that leap of faith about tree love – these two probably have other reasons to hug. They are located on a well-known trail in Arches National Park and are often visited by passers-by that admire the grace of their forms. On hot days there will always be hikers resting in the shade they offer under their embrace. I have to think that there is some payback for these two in the happiness that they must feel from visitors. Perhaps that joy and happy chatter helps strengthen their embrace.

So, here's hugs to you all,

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