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Pisgah Trail

Pisgah Trail

Friends –

I have been busy with lots of extra things these days, and on top of that I left my oils and pastels behind in Moab. I did bring my packet of water colors, which are easier to carry around as a general rule of thumb. I need more experience with them anyway and not having the other media around would force me into it – or so I figure.

So, 'Pisgah Trail' is one that I worked on this last week and it is possible that I will have time to do others before I head back to Moab. I painted it using water color on Arches cold-press paper.

Mt. Pisgah is near Eugene, Oregon, where I go to visit Rosa and family and it also has some of my most favorite trails in the area. I am sharing this, and as usual, I will trade it for a donation to a worthwhile non-profit organization. Amount and organization are open for consideration.

Mostly importantly, today I want to thank you for 2016 and all of the good things that you have helped me do. I've had great luck with my art and even was able to participate in my first invitational – Carmel Art Festival. On top of that, together we have raised donations for at the following organizations:

• Amanda's Yachats Trails Committee

• Beacon After School Program

• Doctors Without Borders

• Everett Reuss Days – Escalante Plein Air

• Fat Kitty City

• Friends of Seniors – El Dorado County

• Lane Community College – Esperanza Scholarship Program

• MORE – Mother Lode Rehabilitation Enterprises

• Moab Valley Multicultural Center

• Monterey area youth art programs

• Plein Air Moab

• Youth Garden Program in Moab

I am pretty sure that I have forgotten one or two others. You all have been so good this year. The good you do will come back to you. I also want to wish you all the best of holidays, and a safe and secure New Year. Let's stick together.


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