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Peach Within Prickles

Peach Within Prickles

Friends -

A few days ago Bob and I took a photography ride up into the high desert country in search of wildflowers. I wish I could say we were celebrating the fact that it is National Wildflower week, but in fact we did not know that. What we did know was that all the late spring rains, combined with warm sunshine in between, have done their rainbow magic.

So, we had to check it out and were not disappointed. We came home with a boat load of photos to choose from, but the particular blossom that I am sharing with you in this painting was particularly special.

Now, I am no botanist, but I believe this is the first time that I see a peach colored bloom on a cactus paddle. We have seen red, pink, yellow, but have never noticed this lovely, subtle, sometimes transparent peachy cluster of petals. Based on our casual survey, we only saw this color around the location of Thelma and Louise Point. There must be something poetic about that.

Since we returned home, I have had some indicators that the peachy blooms are on the older cactus plants, but I don't know if that is true. Regardless, I hope you enjoy this painting, "Peach Within Prickles" which is going to be hung in the 'Snead and Read Spring Fever' display at the Moab Arts and Recreation Center. Start date is tomorrow. Reception on May 9, and end of show on June 10.

As usual, any sales of my paintings will go to worthwhile non-profits.

margie lopez read