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Original Kiss

Original Kiss

Friends –

These are days when the world seems to be falling into a toxic abyss filled with vitriol, distrust and violence and somehow I need to find solace and serenity. I think we all do.

So I go back, at least in my mind, to places that made me feel serene.

My April float on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon was one such place. It gave me a disconnect from phone, television, newspaper, media of any kind. It was also an opportunity to float down through geologic history, into deeper and deeper layers of time.

I believe it was on Day 2 of our multi-day journey that we floated past this enormous monolith, which I was told was called "Kissing Indians". The seemingly intimate embrace and decorative attire certainly lends to the idea that there is some romance going on there. I was enchanted with the formation, but could not reconcile to using the term 'Indians' here. So my painting re-names this couple, "Original Kiss".

I imagine that nothing can be more 'original' than something created by nature thousands of years ago.

"Original Kiss" is 9x12" oil on board, available for a donation to a worthwhile non-profit.

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