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Oregon Medicine

Oregon Medicine

Friends -

I started this particular gourd when I went to Eugene, Oregon in August. The real reason was to take care of my 13 month old grandson during a time that my daughter needed the help. But it turned out to be sorely needed medicine for me. I escaped California heat and political hostility, and immersed myself in the gracious, floral, green beauty of Oregon while bonding with this wonderful little boy named Benjamin Ayala. Eugene, it seems is a town that never seems to withhold on community opportunities, even during economic downturns. And Benjamin and I did as much of those activities as we could fit into a week. Community swimming, baby gymnastics, library hour, and lots of walks through wonderful community parks. It was good.

This sturdy little Oregon Medicine is also being emailed to you as a reminder of the El Dorado County Artists' Home Studio Tour this coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday! (I never thought that Arnold's furlough days would come in so handy!). Truly, it will be wonderful fun when you come and visit all the various homes of some good quality photographers, potters, painters, wood turners -- and YES - Gourd makers! I am excited that this year, I will be hosting two other artists in my home studio - Jane VanCamp (photographer) and Sherrie Milligan (water colorist). We will have refreshments and music, and will thoroughly enjoy your visit. The money raised from purchases of my gourds will be donated to M.O.R.E. (Mother Lode Rehabilitation Enterprises - a service for the developmentally disabled)

If you have any questions about how to get started with the tour just let me know!

Margie Lopez Read