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Northwest to Southwest


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Eugene Bridal Veil
Lahontan Reservoir

Friends –

Most of you know that I travel a lot – spending my time driving between Eugene in Oregon, Placerville in California and Moab in Utah. Sometimes this fact confuses my senses and I don't know if I am a homeless hobo, or if I have many homes. If I am a hobo, I am a happy one.

I get to see a lot of beauty and thought it would be right to share my journey with you. Thus I am in the process of painting a series of panels that represent some of the eye candy I get with every trip. Most of this journey takes place on the loneliest highway in America (50) and these are the first 3 panels. There will be about 9 or 10, in the end.

Panel 1 is from Eugene. This is a place that I often go for a morning walk, as it is near my daughter's home. The reflective water of this frigid wetland pond in Amazon Park has a chilly beauty that is compelling. You won't need a mirror. Just go there.

Panel 2 is from the California Sierra Nevada. Bridal Veil Falls is a memory place for anyone traveling east along Highway 50. A culvert takes the water down below the highway into a day park, but everyone driving the road must pass this astonishing spectacle. During my last trip in March the recent snow had decorated the rocks and every single tree twig with sparkling white delight.

Panel 3 is getting into the land of high desert east of Carson City. Lahontan Reservoir is used for recreation in Nevada but in these times of changing climate it is often too low to be useful. When I passed through here last month, however, it was sweetly full and engaged in nourishing trees and grasses that would soon wake with spring colors.

Stay tuned for the others. I will only send 3 at a time!

margie lopez read

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p.s. for my friends that live in/near Moab… the Pastel Guild now has an exhibit at the Museum of Moab on Center Street. Go up to the second floor and relax with some beautiful works from Victoria Fugit, Mary Collar, Sandi Snead, Thea Nordling, Peg Harty, Judie Chrobak-Cox. And me.

Margie Lopez Read