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Naked Ambition

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. Naked Ambition

Friends -
I came back from a visit with my grandson, Benjamin, for his second birthday which was last week. It is pretty hard to come away from my visits to him and not want to remember him more through art. I also just learned that there is an upcoming theme at The Art Space (El Dorado Arts Council) about the human form - a celebration of it's beauty and history in art and science. So naturally, I had to combine the two (Benjamin and nudity, that is). I borrowed from a photo of the quiteperfecthumanform of Benjamin at 8 months, speed crawling toward a source of milk. I say his form and strength at that moment was every bit as profound as any ancient art depiction of Greek athletes! Certainly, I love it much more. In keeping with the simplicity of nudity, the gourd is sparsely decorated -- pyrography and a bit of leather dye.

It is also too bad you cannot rotate an emailed jpeg. This one would be good for that, as his strong little body curves around almost 3/4 of the gourd, and with these two photos you miss some.

By the way, The Art Space is a good place to go this coming Saturday evening -- it is the Third Saturday Art Walk. It is also one of the last days to see the Artists Gold -- a contemporary look at how artists use gold and golden hues in their art works. I am fortunate that they accepted four of my gourds for this particular exhibit. Please come, if you will, and wear gold if you can!!! Arts Council Website is:

Stay cool.

Margie Lopez Read