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My Notch

My Notch

Friends –

I am back in my pastel studio again and grateful for it. I am also grateful that my pastel studio is close to the landmark identified here. The Notch. My Notch. I am probably not the only who claims it, but at least I should tell you why I do.

The Moab Notch is a beautiful geological formation that towers over the town, and becomes decorated in an array of reds, golds and purples, depending on the angle of the sun. From below, it looks like an enormous and colorful mitten and who would not want to own that?

But there is another reason that I have this sense of possession. I own it because a friend helped me take a long and risky trail around to the backside of that mitten so that I could look through the Notch to the town of Moab. It is a fairly long hike, but the tough part comes in after at the midpoint when you have to continue on for perhaps a mile. There are signs on either end of this section of the trail that warn of the dangers and that bicycle riders MUST dismount. It is narrow and rough and a misstep off the trail could mean that you will fall several hundred feet to certain death.

Some people can manage the fear factor on that trail well. But others of us have a fear of heights and so that part of the trek is difficult. Some will refuse to do it. But, I DID IT! A real Notch on my belt, so to speak and I remain proud that I did it not only once, but several other times, even helping some friends who share my tendency toward acrophobia.

So, you too can own a Notch, should you decide to contribute to a worthwhile non-profit and earn this painting as a reward.

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